MAMMUT-Crucibles - Made in Germany - for over 145 years

Crucibles are refractory heavy clay ceramic products for melting, alloying, holding and transporting of different metals which has been used and made for centuries.

The cornerstone for the manufacture of MAMMUT-Crucibles was the granting of a patent on the production of crucibles in the year 1875. Since then, MAMMUT has developed into a global approved supplier and manufacturer of crucibles due to innovation and improvement of material properties as well as integration of modern press modes.

The product line includes isostatically pressed crucibles with a fill volume range of up to 1400 kg aluminium for foundries in the automotive sector to small cylindrical crucibles for scrap alloy analysis. The product range is complemented by pyrometer tubes for temperature measurement, ladle bowls and plungersas well as degassing tubes.

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